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Future medical advances will depend upon the ability to integrate and analyze large volumes of complex data from diverse sources. 

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Few organizations have the expertise, resources, or sustained funding required to build a comprehensive medical research data platform from the ground up. As a result, all too many platforms  do not fully meet the needs of the researchers they are intended to support.


Indoc offers an alternative model.


Our open source systems, standards, and policies can be re-used by other collaborators, so new platforms don’t have to build from the ground up. Building from this foundation not only saves effort, time, and money for our collaborators, but allows teams to focus their funding and efforts on their own unique requirements.  


The more collaborators who participate, the stronger and more cost effective the underlying architecture becomes for everyone. And, since collaborators all use the same interoperable architecture and processes, they can share and aggregate data between research programs with unprecedented ease.


"It’s not about building any one platform. It’s about building an entire community of platforms."


This is a new way to think about how to build data platforms. It’s simply the most cost effective and efficient approach we can think of. 

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