Indoc builds medical research
data platforms  

Image by Uriel SC

Advanced medical research requires secure platforms to manage, integrate and analyze complex data from diverse sources. 

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Few organizations have the resources required to build a comprehensive research data platform from the ground up. As a result, the needs of the research community often remain unmet. 


Indoc offers an alternative solution.


Our open source systems, standards, and policies are reusable. This allows collaborators to focus efforts on their specific requirements rather than building entire platforms from the ground up. 


The more collaborators who participate, the more cost effective and interoperable the underlying architecture becomes for everyone. And this allows data to be aggregated and shared across research programs with unprecedented ease.


We’re not just building data platforms. 

We’re building a community of data platforms. 


News & Events

  • eBRAIN-Health
    June 24th, 2022
    Location is TBD
    Indoc – in collaboration with 20 academic and institutional partners – receives a Horizon Europe grant for the realization of the eBRAIN-Health project. This 4-year project aims to build a digital twin of the brain as a research platform for modeling and simulating complex neurobiological processes.
  • EBRAINS HealthDataCloud
    NOV. 2, 2021
    Location is TBD
    Indoc is proud to be a member of the team selected to build the secure EBRAINS data architecture for the Human Brain Project. The EBRAINS research infrastructure will add a new service for sensitive medical brain data to its offers for the scientific community – the EBRAINS HealthDataCloud.