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Creating interdisciplinary data ecosystems

Indoc Europe is an affiliate of Indoc Research, a Canadian not-for-profit focused on catalyzing innovative research partnerships through technology and data. ​
We support medical research programs across Europe. Our solutions help multi-disciplinary researchers throughout the research lifecycle, from grant application to data collection, curation, integration, sharing, and analysis. ​

What we do

Dismantle barriers​

Whether navigating data governance requirements, idiosyncratic data systems or challenges that come with multi-modal research data, Indoc’s experienced team can help.

Invent smarter processes​

Leverage Indoc’s customizable policies, pipelines, and workflows to build the processes you need for standardized data management, secure data linkage, or access. 

Deploy better data platforms​

Use Pilot, Indoc’s GDPR-ready, scalable, and customizable SaaS platform for secure data management, collaboration, and analytics.

Building sustainable data ecosystems requires collaboration and partnership.

Indoc is a member of and contributes to a number of national and international data initiatives including:

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