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Our Solutions

Indoc Europe builds research data solutions for European institutions and publicly-funded consortia.  ​

Our solutions and projects all leverage Pilot, Indoc’s GDPR-ready platform for management of research data.  Enabling data integration, sharing, and analysis across a full range of data types and sources, Pilot supports research teams in maximizing the utility of their data.​

Our Work

Indoc partnered with the Human Brain Project to build Health Data Cloud (HDC) within the EBRAINS research infrastructure, a new service for sensitive medical brain data for the scientific community. ​

Working with a multinational team of academic and industrial partners, Indoc is supporting the development of a federated research ecosystem that leverages Pilot to enable neuroscience research consortia across Europe and beyond to collect, process, and share sensitive data according to GDPR requirements.​

As part of the eBRAIN-Health consortium, Indoc is leading the development and technical coordination for a decentralized, data protection-compliant research platform capable of simulating some of the brain’s complex neurobiological phenomena. ​

Based on Health Data Cloud – powered by Pilot – this platform will allow researchers to collate an array of different types of information including data from PET and MRI scans, EEG tests, behavioural studies and lifestyle surveys, as well as clinical data from thousands of patients and healthy controls.​

For Charité, Indoc built the Virtual Research Environment (VRE) – a secure, GDPR-ready data platform for storage, analysis, and sharing of sensitive data across multiple research use cases. ​

Indoc deployed a customized instance of Pilot, that fully integrated with Charité IT infrastructure, high performance computing resources, and data governance requirements. 

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