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Discover how Indoc can take your medical research to the next level

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Featured Platforms

Data platforms built by Indoc help medical researchers manage, share and analyze complex clinical, molecular and imaging data. 

Tailoring Solutions

for Custom

Research Needs

Restricted Data environments (RDENs) 

RDENs allow controlled, secure access to sensitive health data for approved individuals 

Restricted Data Environments (RDENs) allow data to be stored, queried, analyzed and shared within a secure, closed environment by approved researchers. A strong security and policy framework is used to defend against cyberattacks and misuse of data, including: 

  • Multi-layered defense technologies  

  • Next generation firewalls, network segregation, and separate physical hardware enable layered infrastructure security.  

  • Sensitive data is transmitted using industry standard encryption technologies. 

  • RDEN access control uses multi-factor authentication and permitted only via VPN 

  • Automated intrusion detection and prevention systems which run 24/7 

  • Trusted users can import code and packages from pre-approved sources, giving them the flexibility they need while defending against malware and other attacks 

  • Any form of data export out of the secured environment is controlled by a technical isolation layer and requires administrative approval 

  • Anti-virus/anti-malware in place to monitor and isolate detected threats. 

RDEN and Portal

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RDENs are currently in use by numerous research teams, including

• BRAIN Study (Dala Lana School of Public Health) 

• Diabetes Action Canada 

• Vector and Fields Institutes

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