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Connecting Dots

About Us

Indoc is a provider of health data platforms worldwide. We work closely with medical researchers to develop scalable solutions for projects of all sizes.

Data platforms built by Indoc support an array of complex research needs, including:

  • Privacy Compliance

  • Data Hosting Solutions

  • Data Visualization Development

  • Data Federation

Established in Toronto, Canada in 2005, Indoc now supports hundreds of research teams in North America and Europe, covering a broad range of disease states, technologies, and research areas. Indoc formally launched Indoc Research Europe gGmbH in 2021 in order to manage operations outside of North America.

European Executive Committee

Stephane Pollentier Indoc.jpg
Dr. Stephane Pollentier

Managing Director, Indoc Europe

ProfilePic MoyezDharsee.jpg
Moyez Dharsee

CTO, Indoc Europe

ProfilePic SueEvans.jpg
Sue Gilbert Evans

Senior Director, European Operations

Fan Dong

VP, Systems Development

Indoc Steering Committee

Dr. Kenneth R. Evans

CEO Indoc Research

Chair, Steering Committee Indoc Europe

Anna Millar

Healthcare and Biotechnology Advisor

• London, UK

Dr. Franco Vaccarino


• Department of Psychology

• Program in Neuroscience

• University of Guelph

Dr. Stephen Arnott

Scientific Associate 

• Rotman Research Institute

• Baycrest Centre

• Toronto, ON, Canada

Dr. Stephen Strother

Senior Scientist

• Rotman Research Institute Professor

• Department of Medical Biophysics

• University of Toronto

Imprint / Impressum

Indoc Research Europe gGmbH

Alfred-Mumbächer-Str. 41 

55128 Mainz 



Telephone: +49 173 723 89 32




Company Registration / Register Court

Amtsgericht Mainz, HRB 50510


VAT Number



Managing Director:

Stephane Pollentier



Die Einhaltung der satzungsmäßigen Voraussetzungen nach den §§ 51, 59, 60 und 61 AO in unserer Körperschaftssatzung vom

07.05.2021 wurde vom Finanzamt Mainz mit Bescheid vom 19.07.2021 nach § 60a AO gesondert festgestellt. Die Körperschaft fördert folgende gemeinnützige Zwecke: Förderung von Wissenschaft und Forschung (§ 52 Abs. 2 Satz 1 Nr.(n) 1 AO).​​​

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